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Cash out is a unique opportunity to get out of the event without waiting for its completion.

How to do it? Click «My bets» in the coupon and you'll see what kind of bet can be displayed through the button «Cash out».

Bet and win with a variety of functional from Bet MIRA!

The formula for calculating of bets

Returning of the bet = ( Coefficient when betting * Bet amount ) * 90%
Coefficient when cancelling bet


For bet express the returning of the bet is 80%.

For example

You bet $10 with the outcome on the win of team with a coefficient of 2.

You began to doubt the victory of the team, and the coefficient became 3.

Hence, you can return part of the money using the following formula:
Returning = 2/3 x $10 x 0.90 = $6

Then the status of your bet would be as a «cashed».


Terms of cashout:

  • Cash out is available for betting only in that case when there is an icon in the form of a dollar ($);
  • For single bets returning is 90%, for express bets – 80%;
  • If you failed to cash out then returning for that bet isn’t allowed.